WCS Local Cloud Backup Services

One of the most important assets your Business has is your data. The data files on your computer are very fragile. They can be destroyed or damaged by software malfunction, viruses, worms, Trojans, Ransomware or the biggest cause of lost files, the operators. If any of the above happens, you can lose everything. The operating system and programs can be replaced but your work (accounting data, letters, pictures, etc.) cannot unless you have performed a backup.

While local backups are good, what happens if your business is the victim of a fire or theft, and your computer hardware gets stolen or if you are the victim of a virus or ransomware attack. Keeping your precious data on site is not a good business decision. Offsite or Cloud backups keeps your data safe in a remote location.



  • Backups performed regularly outside normal business hours.
    • Zero disruption to your normal working routine.
  • Backups are stored locally offsite on our Central Coast servers.
    • Should your data need to be restored we can quickly have your data back to you on a disk ready to be restored immediately.
  • Your backups are monitored, and if a failure occurs it is reported to you immediately.
    • Automated emails are sent to you in the case of a backup failure.
  • Individual files can be restored to your business remotely.
    • While all your data can be restored via the internet or returned to you the same business day on Hard Disk, individual files can also be restored quickly and easily using our backup system.
  • Fast, Reliable, Monitored, simple and easy backups managed by our trained engineers.
  • Cloud backups are connected to your network only during the backup or restore process.
    • Unlike local external backup devices, our backup servers are disconnected from your business when the backup is complete. Should your business be infected with a virus or ransomware attack your data is securely isolated from your systems.